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What products do you carry?
Over the years I have found products within many skin care lines that I love, so I have certain products that I believe to be high performers. I also recommend other products that can be obtained on the Internet and I am always looking for something new that will be safe and perform well for a reasonable price.
What makes your facials different than some others I may have had?
I believe there are several ways in which my facials are different. One: I love what I do. Two: It is my goal that my client will never have another facial by anyone else that will compare to their time with me. Three: I believe in education very strongly. I want my clients to know their skin and its needs. Four: I am not product loyal. I know many lines of products and have catalogs of many more. I want to help each client get the product that will serve their particular needs. That means if a client is loyal to one line of skin care, then I help them find the products within that line that will work the best for them.
How often should someone have a facial?
It is recommended, and the most beneficial, to have a facial every 4 to 6 weeks. By seeing your esthetician on a regular basis the two of you can work to bring your skin into a healthy state and keep it that way. As the seasons change and as you mature, your skin will have different needs and issues. The longer you go without addressing your skin's needs, the longer the recovery time.
What are the benefits of regular facials?
Deep cleaning the skin, increasing circulation, nurturing the skin of the face, promoting penetration of the products, relieving pain and tension, removing dead skin cells, restoring a healthy glow, soothing and relaxing the nerves, stimulating activity of skin glands, strengthening muscle fibers, retarding wrinkles, soften skin, and resolving problems as they arise.

What is a facial?
A facial includes a thorough cleaning, exfoliation, extractions, and a mask that is appropriate for your skin. I believe that educating each client about their skin is the most important aspect of a facial. Understanding your own skin and how it functions allows you to better care for it.

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"With many skin issues over the years, I was not getting much help from dermatologists. Catherine was able to help teach me how to heal my skin and make it stronger. My second pregnancy brought on hormonal issues and she was able to teach me the "why" and "how" of my skin problems and put the problems into perspective. I now live in a different region of the country, but the education that I received from her has given me the tools to work with my changing skin. I also can contact her with questions at any time, and she is always ready to help! In addition to having a strong knowledge of the skin, her customer services are unmatched!"

Leslie G.
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