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 Hello! Please allow me to introduce myself! I am Catherine Sir, sole owner and operator of Believable Skin Care.

 I have been an Esthetician since 2000, and have become a SKIN GEEK in those years. I absolutely love to talk about skin. I am starting this blog to feed my knowledge out into the web. My hope is to share the accumulated knowledge I have built through these years with all of you. I want to help navigate you through the world of product choices, and how to decide what would be right for you. Lets get started!!! 

What is skin?

· Skin is the largest organ of the body.

· It is the last organ to receive the nutrition that you feed into your body.

· It is a survival mechanism. Its main job is to protect what is in the body.

What does all that mean?

The body is happy with the skin as long there are no holes in it. Even though it is the largest organ it isn't the first that your body cares about nourishing. First the body nourishes the organs of the body that it recognizes as the engine that keep a human functioning. What is left over is for the skin. This leaves the skin stressed out and not looking its best.  

For those that want to beautify their skin, it is important to understand how to communicate with it.

What is my skin wants to be happy?

· Cleansing

· Moisturizing

· Exfoliating

· Antioxidants

· Sunscreens

Keep your eye out for the next Blog, where we will get started delving into the Wonderful World of Skin Care!

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I look forward to hearing from you, learning what interests you, and what questions you have for me!

Catherine Sir

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By 7000415780 15 Oct, 2017

Today I want to discuss why I believe it is important to explain why I recommend something to my clients, and not just dictate that it should be used.

So here is why sunscreen is a very important step in everyone's skin care routine, men and women alike.

Even just a quick trip to the mailbox and back or taking the kids back and forth to their multiple activities gives you enough exposure to cause a breakdown of Collagen and Elastin in your skin. Let's look at the different rays we live with and the kind of damage they do to the skin.


·       UVB rays  burn the skin, and damage not only the surface of the skin, but also the cells in the upper layers of the skin. This breaks down the integrity of the skin, and creates a place for cancer to grow. UVB is less active in the colder months, and most active 10 to 3 during the day.


·       UVA rays age the skin. UVA rays are a very long reaching ray. Reaching much deeper that UVB, and are active 365 days a year, from sun up to sun down, rain or shine. Collagen and elastin are the fibers that give the skin its elasticity, and it only takes 2 minutes of UVA exposure for collagen and elastin production to be interrupted. Because it damages the cells deep within the skin, UVA is also believed to be a cancer causer.

Most of us are good about sunscreen when we are on the beach or at the pool these days, but daily use is very important for the constant protection of the skin.


Why chance the possibility of damage when the solution is so simple? By protecting your skin daily, you can stop the damage to the elasticity of your skin, and slow the aging process. Daily application also sets a routine. The routine will save you on those days when you just plan to get something out of the car, and end up talking to the neighbor for an hour. These moments add up over time, the skin looks older, and these damaged cells become breeding grounds for cancer.


So, by using a sunscreen daily you protect yourself against damage, and aging. Trust me - it is much cheaper to prevent aging then it is to fix it. Billions are spent on laser treatments, skin creams, Botox, and Dermal fillers every year. These are all used to help repair pigmentation problems, sagging skin, wrinkles, lines, and removable of cancer.


There are many sunscreens to choose from that you should have no problem finding one that suits your skin type and personal preferences.


Check in for the next blog about choices of sun protection and how to find what is right for you and your skin.

 Catherine Sir, Master Esthetician and Educator and Certified Reflexologist

As always let me know if you have any questions or comments on this blog.  You can always reach me at...

See you next time!!! Catherine




By 7000415780 01 Oct, 2017

 Hello again!

My last Blog answered the questions of why to exfoliate, and what are the different kinds of exfoliation.


Now let’s look at how to choose the best exfoliator for your skin type.

Before we begin, there are some important questions to ask                                                                          

·      How sensitive is my skin?

·      What is the condition that I am targeting?

·      How much time do I dedicate to my skin care routine?

·      Do I have any known allergies to Aspirin fragrances or any other ingredients?


Below I have listed the best choices for the different skin types.


Sensitive skin  – The best choice for this type are Enzymes.  Using abrasive products or acids can injure this skin. These are placed on clean skin, and left on for 10 – 20 minutes. Then wash away for skin that is exfoliated but not irritated.


Mature skin  – The best choices are Scrubs, Enzymes, BHA’s and AHA’s .

Let’s try to be more specific.                        

·      Mature but sensitive, the choice would be Enzymes

·      Mature and you are not one to spend time on your skin, the choice would be AHA’s

·      Mature and want to only do exfoliating in the shower, the choice would be Scrubs. ** Remembering not to injure this delicate skin**.


Oily Skin  – All of these choices will great for this skin type.

Let’s try to be more specific.

·      Oily but sensitive due to acne, or skin type. The choice would be Enzymes & Beta Hydroxy Acids(BHA).

·      Oily and you are not one to spend time on your skin, the best choices would be AHA’s & BHA’s.

·      Oily and want to only do exfoliating in the shower, the best choice would be Scrubs.


Dry/Dehydrated Skin The best choices are Scrubs, Enzymes, and AHA’s. Removing the dead cells so the moisturizer can be more effective, without irritating this already compromised skin is the challenge. Enzymes are the best place to start.  Once the skin begins to heal, you could move to an AHA or Scrub for simplicity.


Youthful Skin – The best choices for this changing delicate skin is a gentle scrub , and a BHA.      As your skin begins to produce more oil, the dead cells stick more firmly.   Exfoliation, at this time, should be gentle, but effective.


** Always stay away from products at are labeled “Acne”, as they are full of drying agents that will injury any skin type**.

These guide lines are exactly that, guidelines. Each person is unique. Remember that no matter how great a product is, it will not work if you don’t use it.


Keep a look out for the next Blog… What is the truth about Sunscreen?


 Catherine Sir, Master Esthetician and Educator

As always let me know if you have any questions or comments on this blog.  You can always reach me at...

See you next time!!! Catherine


By 7000415780 24 Sep, 2017

Antioxidants help fight Free Radical Damage. Free Radicals are a normal occurrence, every time you breathe in oxygen there are Free Radicals created.

Free Radicals are cells that have one electron attached. To be stable, they require two electrons, and will steal the second from a healthy cell. Once the Free Radical is satisfied, this leads to the death and purification of the once healthy cell.

This once healthy cell is now a weak spot, a place of damage, aging and possible cancer growth. This process is the same in the skin as well as the rest of the organs of the body. So, by introducing Antioxidants into the body and skin we can fight this damage.


Antioxidants enter the scene...

As Antioxidants enter the system they are surrounded by a large group of positively charged electrons. The Free Radicals are naturally attracted to this positive charge and will steal the needed electron from the large group around the Antioxidant. This satisfies the Free Radicals needs without killing an otherwise healthy cell.


Where do we find Antioxidants?  

Antioxidants are something that we all have heard a lot about lately. We know that we can eat a long list of foods like blueberries, pomegranates, or mangosteens  as a source of these Antioxidants, and there are also supplements that can supply us when these foods are not available.


Are these foods and supplements enough to protect the skin as well?

It is Ironic that while the skin is the largest organ, it's the last one to be feed the nutrition that we take into the body. This makes it necessary to topically apply Antioxidants to the skin to provide the full benefit.

Topical Antioxidants have many sources. Here are some of the ingredients you should be looking for in your skin care.

·      Active Vitamin C

·      Ferulic Acid

·      Alpha Lipoic Acid

·      Citric Acid

·      Coenzyme Q10

·      Vitamin E

They can be found in all these difference skin care products. Look for these ingredients to find them.


                Now you know what Antioxidants are and why they are so important.

Check in next time to see what else some of these Antioxidants can do!!

Catherine Sir, Master Esthetician and Educator

As always let me know if you have any questions, or comments on this blog.

You can always reach me at...

See you next time!!! Catherine



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